The Netherlands is a special place. We stayed in an eco-friendly tiny home in Amsterdam-Noord, in a beautiful wooded neighborhood. We spent most of our days biking through Amsterdam, navigating our way to different shops, restaurants, bars and sites all through the city. We took breaks, sat along the canals and wandered through the Red Light District and Jordaan. A free 2 minute ferry for bikers and motorists would take us to and from the city center. On one of the days during our stay, we road our bikes through the Netherlands countryside. It was a 20 mile bike ride on a path that winded through expansive farmland, tiny canal villages and ended in Volendam - a lovely seaside town. Some of our favorite memories from the trip: bitterballen from Mata Hari, Sara falling off her bike on the train tracks, the coffee shops (Jesse), Heineken, pouty prostitutes, boat houses and beef nachos from Harlem Soul Food. Amsterdam has been the most exciting, inviting and surprisingly family-friendly city on our trip so far.